Airless spray painting equipment guide

Airless Not Holding Pressure

If you have an airless paint sprayer that is not holding the same pressure it used to while spraying paint there are a few simple checks which can be made to hopefully identify the cause of the pressure loss.

These tests make the assumption that your airless spray machine is already priming and building pressure but then while spraying the pressure is lower than it used to be, or should be.


Airless Spray Hose

Most airless spray equipment uses a high pressure paint hose between the airless pump and the airless spray gun, excluding handheld airless paint sprayers which naturally do not use high pressure airless paint hose.

Excluding budget orientated DIY airless spray pump units which are often supplied with 25 feet or 7.5 m of airless paint spray hose the most common length found fitted standard to airless paint sprayers is 50 feet or 15 m in length. The most common internal diameter airless paint spray hose is 1/4 inch or 6 mm ID.


Blocked Airless Spray Gun

If your airless spray pump primes and pressurises but nothing happens when the trigger is pulled, and it is not the airless spray tip that is blocked, the actual spray gun hand piece could be where the problem is located.

The first thing that needs to be done is relieve all pressure from the airless spray system by opening the prime spray or bypass valve and turn the machine off.


Replacement Airless Spray Parts

Replacement parts and accessories for airless paint sprayers can be expensive and locating the right parts and accessories can be difficult especially if your airless machine is an older model.

Properly identifying the brand and model of your airless spray machine is the only way to begin searching for the correct parts. Occasionally parts location can be further complicated by different brand airless spray gun hand pieces or airless spray tips being fitted. Many airless paint spray units are covered in paint which can make it even harder to identify the make and model.


New 2012 FieldLazer Range Announced

A new range of FieldLazer airless pump professional field marking equipment has been released by Graco for 2012. This new range of airless linemarking equipment designed specifically for sports fields features 4 models. Two walk behind models, the S100 and S200 are push machines, there is a model R300 available as a push model which has a seated ride behind option available as the R300 Complete and finally the G400 model is an all in one stand on self propelled sports field marking machine.

Air Assisted Airless Spray

Air assisted airless spray painting, as the name implies, is airless spray, assisted with compressed air atomisation. This mix of paint atomising technologies enables faster application rates than is possible with conventional or HVLP spray painting while achieving transfer efficiencies that rival, or some even argue, betters transfer efficiencies of HVLP spray painting equipment.



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