Petrol Airless

Petrol engine powered airless paint spraying machines

New 2012 FieldLazer Range Announced

A new range of FieldLazer airless pump professional field marking equipment has been released by Graco for 2012. This new range of airless linemarking equipment designed specifically for sports fields features 4 models. Two walk behind models, the S100 and S200 are push machines, there is a model R300 available as a push model which has a seated ride behind option available as the R300 Complete and finally the G400 model is an all in one stand on self propelled sports field marking machine.

Use Airless Spray Safely

Airless spray gun safety.

Serious injury can occur if an airless spray unit is not used correctly.

Even small handheld DIY airless spray guns reach pressures which can cause serious fluid injection injury. Never place any part of the body near nozzles or remove guards.

Always ensure that all components of your airless spray machine including airless paint spray hose, spray gun and airless spray tip are rated to a working pressure that exceeds the output of your airless spray pump.


Airless Spray Servicing

Apart for regular cleaning, lubricating, correct storage, and minor adjustment procedures, all of which can be carried out by owner operators of an airless spray machine, there is not usually any manufactuer issued servicing schedules for airless spray pumps that require regular "service" visits to a airless spray service centre.


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