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New 2012 FieldLazer Range Announced

A new range of FieldLazer airless pump professional field marking equipment has been released by Graco for 2012. This new range of airless linemarking equipment designed specifically for sports fields features 4 models. Two walk behind models, the S100 and S200 are push machines, there is a model R300 available as a push model which has a seated ride behind option available as the R300 Complete and finally the G400 model is an all in one stand on self propelled sports field marking machine.

Airless Paint Spray Safely

Airless spray painting would be among the most popular methods used by professional painting contractors these days. Unlike conventional compressed air spray painting an airless spray gun has no compressed air involved in the atomisation of paint. A small airless spray tip restricts the flow of paint from the airless spray pump and as this high pressure flow of paint passes through the airless spray tip the paint is atomised into spray as the stream of paint strikes the atmosphere.

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