Air Assisted Airless Spray

Air assisted airless spray painting, as the name implies, is airless spray, assisted with compressed air atomisation. This mix of paint atomising technologies enables faster application rates than is possible with conventional or HVLP spray painting while achieving transfer efficiencies that rival, or some even argue, betters transfer efficiencies of HVLP spray painting equipment.

Air assisted airless spray painting allows coatings to be sprayed at higher viscosity than is usually possible with conventional air spray or HVLP spray painting while still achieving find finish results rivalling conventional air spray guns.

Air assisted airless spray paint equipment comprises of an airless pump, a compressed air delivery device which is usually an air compressor, a high-pressure paint hose and a compressed air hose coupled to an air assisted airless spray gun. The air assisted airless spray gun is really an airless spray gun which has been manufactured to incorporate an air cap in front of the air assisted airless spray tip.

Much lower airless spray pump pressures are used to supply paint to the air assisted airless spray gun and typically lower compressed air pressures are used to assist atomising the under atomised airless spray fan pattern as it exits the air assisted airless spray tip. A minor amount of fan pattern modification may be achieved if the air assisted airless spray gun incorporates a spreader valve but usually changes in actual flow and fan pattern width are made by changing the air assisted airless spray tip.

Due to the additional componentry involve with air assisted airless spray equipment such as the airless pump and air compressor air assisted airless spray painting is usually found in manufacturing and production line spray painting situations. Moving and powering an air compressor and airless spray pump required by air assisted airless equipment tends to render air assisted airless unsuitable for mobile site work. Although there are air assisted airless spray equipment models available from manufacturers that include the airless pump and a built-in air compressor that will run from a standard AC electrical wall outlet.

Air assisted airless spray guns are usually rather expensive to buy in comparison to normal airless spray guns and if this acquisition cost is too high the use of fine finish airless spray tips, while not in the same league as air assisted airless spray, may be an alternative worth testing.

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