Airless Paint Spray Safely

Airless spray painting would be among the most popular methods used by professional painting contractors these days. Unlike conventional compressed air spray painting an airless spray gun has no compressed air involved in the atomisation of paint. A small airless spray tip restricts the flow of paint from the airless spray pump and as this high pressure flow of paint passes through the airless spray tip the paint is atomised into spray as the stream of paint strikes the atmosphere.

In most commercial or industrial airless spray machines paint is pumped through a flexible airless paint spray hose which frees the spray painter from having to carry a reservoir of paint around while airless spray painting . The airless spray painter is able to tilt the airless spray gun at any angle without fear of spilling paint such as may occur when using a conventional paint spray gun.

Most airless paint spray machines will also draw paint directly from the paint can and allow airless spray painters to continually spray without stopping until the entire can of paint has been sprayed. If an assistant is available the can can be replenished while the airless spray painter is still actually spray painting.

Airless spray guns enable heavier coats of paint to be applied than is at all possible by paint brushing or paint rolling. Provided the paint is capable of drying correctly from high paint film builds subsequent coats of paint may be applied with an airless paint sprayer before a previous coat of paint has fully dried.

Painting with an airless spray gun is not difficult and as always read the instruction manual first and it is always a good idea to test and practise with water before commencing to use any airless spray unit with paint. Most airless spray painters hold the airless spray gun between 200 to 300 millimetres from the surface being spray painted and keep the spray pattern at exactly 90 degrees angle to the surface being spray painted. Maintaining the airless spray gun at 90 degrees to the surface being sprayed will minimize paint overs pray and help keep each coat of paint even.

Take note of the safety instructions in your airless spray painting instruction manual and ensure that adequate ventilation, respiratory protection, eye protection and protective clothing designed for airless spray painters is worn at all times.

A very important safety consideration to always be aware of when using airless paint spray machines it the risk of fluid injection. This is not a common accident but if this type of accident does occur it can be a serious injury. Never place any part of the body in front of an airless spray tip. Never try to stop paint leaking under pressure from any part of an airless spray with any part of the body. Always follow the correct pressure relief procedure immediately after airless spray painting has ceased. Always follow the correct airless pressure relief procedure before changing tips or attempting any other work on an airless spray gun.

Airless paint spraying is popular and effective saving hours of time compared to painting with paint brushes and paint rollers. Ensure airless paint spray machines of any type or configuration are used safely to avoid injury.

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