Airless Spray Servicing

Apart for regular cleaning, lubricating, correct storage, and minor adjustment procedures, all of which can be carried out by owner operators of an airless spray machine, there is not usually any manufactuer issued servicing schedules for airless spray pumps that require regular "service" visits to a airless spray service centre.

Certain components of all airless spray painting machines are regarded as wear items which will eventually require replacement. Points where replacement of worn parts will be required will vary depending on the size of the airless machine, the abrasiveness of the products that had been sprayed and also may relate to whether the owner operator has been following the correct cleaning, storage, lubrication and minor adjustments which may be required by the equipment manufacturer.

All airless paint spray machines have valves to control the flow and pressure of paints or other fluids. Apart for a few lower priced DIY airless range airless spray systems which may only have one valve, or an all in one valve, most airless spray machines have a minimum of two valves and most commonly three. The three most commonly found valves in airless paint spray machines are usually an inlet valve, an outlet valve and a bypass valve which may also be referred to as a prime spray valve.

An experienced airless paint spray repair person should be able to diagnose which valves are worn or corroded, requiring replacement. All airless paint sprayers use a paint spray tip or paint spray nozzle which wear and require replacement on a regular basis. Filters are usually incorporated and airless spray machine filters require regular cleaning and replacement if damaged.

If the type of airless spray unit involves hydraulics, the level of hydraulic fluid must be maintained and consult the manufacturers owner's manual for your hydraulic airless paint spray pump model to determine if regular oil or filter change is required. Likewise if your airless spray outfit is powered by a petrol or diesel engine the engine manufacturers recommended service schedule should be maintained.

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