Airless Spray System Types

Commonly available airless spray equipment systems can be powered by a variety of means and are offered in a wide range of sizes and performance capabilities.

  • Hand held cordless electric airless spray guns battery powered.
  • Hand held electric airless spray guns mains powered.
  • Hydraulic diaphragm mains electric or petrol powered airless spray pump equipment.
  • Mains electric powered reciprocating piston airless spray pump equipment.
  • Petrol engine powered reciprocating piston airless spray equipment with electric clutches.
  • Hydraulic powered airless piston pumps using either electric motors or petrol powered motors to provide hydraulic power.
  • Pneumatic compressed air driven reciprocating airless piston pump equipment.

Wagner W180P PowerSprayer  Wagner SF27 electric diaphragm pump Wagner ProSpray PS 3.23 Skid Wagner HeavyCoat HC960G Petrol Spray Pack Wagner 75:150 Pneumatic Airless Spray Pack

Airless spray systems in any of the above categories atomise fluid or liquid including paints and coatings by forcing the fluid through a small nozzle or orifice at high pressure. As the liquid passes through the small nozzle or airless spray tip at high pressure the liquid is atomised into a fine spray. The effect is similar to restricting the flow of water from a standard garden hose by placing your finger over the end of the hose and restricting the flow of water until the water becomes a spray of water.

Never place fingers or any other body part near any outlet on an airless spray unit as the extremely high pressure can cause serious injury.

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