Airless Sprayers

Airless sprayers are an excellent method of applying decorative and protective paints or coatings to almost any surface quickly. Airless spray paint units when correctly setup are also capable of providing extremely high quality painted finishes.

Almost any type of paint or coating can be applied using an airless spray unit. Thin products such as stains, timber preservatives, lacquers, polyurethanes and enamels can be applied using an airless sprayer provided the correct filtration, spray tip and pressure setting is used.

A huge amount of time can be saved when using an airless spray gun to apply water-based paints to broad areas such as ceilings and walls, roofs, fences etc. Airless paint sprayers are outstanding when used to apply coatings to large areas such as commercial buildings factories industrial machinery and even boats and huge ships.traditionally much thicker types of paint can be applied using airless than is possible with virtually any other type of spray painting equipment.

The use of airless spray to paint and apply coatings in industrial applications is very common due to the fact that airless spray allows for very fast application rates, high film builds and reduces overspray when compared to most conventional air spray application methods.

Airless spray machines are typically powered by either electricity, petrol motors, or pneumatic compressed air motors.

The most common airless paint pump design is a two ball reciprocating piston pump. Most airless spray pump manufacturers use this piston pump design. Typically in industrial coating applications airless piston pumps are all that are used due to piston pumps being able to handle thicker coatings which have higher solids content.

Another airless spray pump design that is not so common these days is the hydraulic diaphragm airless pump design. Diaphragm airless pumps were favoured in the past for spraying thinner coatings at lower pressures over electric motor powered piston airless spray units.

This was because before the introduction of electronic pressure control systems in today’s modern electric airless piston pumps, early design electric piston airless spray units used to have large pressure fluctuations when attempting to spray at low pressures due to mechanical pressure sensing and motor switching devices that were used.

With the advent of solid-state pressure sensors and electronic direct current  electric motor speed controls today’s modern electric airless piston pumps are capable of maintaining possibly better pressure control right through their entire operating range than diaphragm airless spray pumps are capable of maintaining.

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